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About this Service

This service is for submitting applications to the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) to approve products and substances used in contact with drinking water in public water supplies in England and Wales.

The approval process is carried out on behalf of the regulators in Scotland and Northern Ireland, requiring a single application for product approvals throughout the United Kingdom.

Please follow this link for guidance about the 'Online Application and Portal Process'.

How to Enrol for this Service

Please follow this link for guidance on how to Enrol for this service.

Applicant Enrollment

Before "submitting an application", applicants must first enrol with the system. Once enrolled and logged in, applicants can view all applications, submit new applications, and edit applications that have been started but still need to be submitted to DWI.

Applicants can also submit change applications and reapproval applications for products that hold an existing approval.

Click here to enrol as an Applicant.

Consultant Enrollment

Consultants may be authorised to act on behalf of an applicant. An application must be logged by the product applicant and then assigned to a designated (enrolled) consultant. The consultant must first be enrolled with the system for an applicant to select them.

Once enrolled and logged in, consultants can view, submit and edit all applications assigned to them by relevant applicants, but they still need to be submitted to DWI.

Click here to enrol as a Consultant.

If you are the applicant and want to use a consultant not already designated and listed in the consultant list, then you will need to ask your consultant to enrol before you can start the application process.